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The 1st Annual SFUMC Chili Cook-Off on March 16th was a rousing success! We had 11 teams total with a wide variety of chili options along with desserts, cornbread and refreshing drinks to cool the heat. 

Winners Include:

Best Mild Chili: Brent Williamson's Chili

Spiciest Chili: Tim & Rita O'Neal's Chili

Most Un-Chili Chili: David Snow's "Kitchen Sink" Chili

Chili With the Most Beans: McGinnis' "Really Good" Chili

Most Unique Chili: Beth Morgan's "Tropical Heat"

Best Presentation: Liza Morgan's Buffalo Chicken Chili

People's Choice


3rd Place: Rachel & Drew Hamilton's Chili

2nd Place: Freddy & Chantel Barfield's "Lucky O' Chili"

1st Place: Liza Morgan's Buffalo Chicken Chili

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