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The earliest records of the Methodist body were recorded in 1844, under the pastorate of the Reverend W. A. Kirby. It was recorded that the first Methodist came into the area in 1838 and founded the Methodist Church of Summerville when the county was created out of the Cherokee Indian Territory.In the early 1840’s, the three local congregations built a multi-denominational building, 40 x 60 feet. The building had neither windows nor ceiling and the congregation was called to worship by the blast of a trumpet (at this time Summerville was

In 1997, the last parcel of property on the block was purchased for use as a parsonage and the parsonage vacated became the seat of the Mother’s Day Out and Scouting ministries. The playground was added in 1992 and updated with modern playground equipment in 2015.

In January 2013 the Presbyterian Manse across the street was purchased, repaired and remodeled by the church members under the guidance of the trustee chair, Mr. John Bailey. The pastor moved to the new parsonage in June 2013 and the house behind the church was later sold. In November 7, 2016 the loan on the parsonage was paid in full and the note was burned November 13, 2016 at homecoming service with the Rome Carrollton District Superintendent, the Reverend Dr. David Naglee proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Summerville Methodists have served the Summerville community for 176 years and they look forward to sharing the good news of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus until the end of time.

an unincorporated settlement). This building was later converted into a residence and used as the Presbyterian Manse. 

The first Methodist Church was built under the pastorate of the Reverend J. H. Ewing.

At the time, the Summerville Methodist Church was associated with twelve other churches: Bethel, Mount Zion, Pleasant Hill, Cane Creek, Bird’s Chapel, Owens Chapel, Macedonia, Broom Town, Anri Kelley’s, Brandon’s, Hicks, and Ewings Chapel.

Five judges of the inferior court donated the property for the Summerville Methodist Church. The gift was made “in consideration of the love and affection they (the judges) had for the worship of the Almighty God.” 

On March 5th, 1849, the trustees received the deed to the property and began building. That building was replaced with the current structure built in 1906 - 1907. The original building was given to the city, moved, and used as a school for African American children. 

The first Methodist parsonage was purchased in 1858 and is the oldest brick building in Chattooga County. It was used until 1947 when a new parsonage was constructed next to the church. The Sturdivant Memorial Church School building was added in 1940. The present education wing was completed in 1955. In 1989, the house behind the church was purchased for use as a parsonage and the old parsonage was converted to the church office and education complex.


Breaking ground for Fellowship Hall- 1954

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